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Everything You Need to Know About a Newborn Session

Give potential clients the details on everything to expect and look forward to at a newborn session and position yourself as an expert in the industry. Includes suggestions for studio-specific information to make this a more comprehensive guide for your business.


5 Reasons to Have Professional Senior Portraits Taken

Encourage potential clients to invest in a senior photo session to celebrate their graduation.


5 Reasons to Hire a Pro to Take Your Senior Photos

Explain to potential clients the advantages of hiring a professional for their senior photo session.


5 Tips on Finding the Right Senior Photographer

Senior portraits mark a major life milestone, and choosing the right photographer is essential in getting the images you want. Help potential clients find the right person to take their photos with these tips.


6 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Senior Session

Show off your expertise as a senior photographer by offering these tips to potential clients for preparing for their session.


Essential Questions to Ask a Potential Senior Photographer

Present yourself as an expert and a resource to potential clients with this list of important questions to ask a potential senior photographer.


How to Prepare for Your Senior Session

Create a complete guide to provide to clients to prepare them for their senior session. Include information specific to your business and process.


Senior Photography Keyword Research & Mapping Blueprint

Use the right keywords on your website and in your content. We’ve done all the research for you and organized the most searched senior photography keywords into a handy blueprint for your use.


Senior Photography Page Template

Create a page to drive traffic to your website with all the content readers want to see.


Top Google Ads for Senior Photography

Get inspired to create Google Ads that get results with this list of the top Google Ads from senior photographers.


What to Wear for Your Senior Session

Choosing the right outfit for a senior photo session can be a challenge. Help readers out by offering these tips on what to wear for their photos.


Wedding Experience Page Template

Put together a webpage full of content that will draw more people to your website with this template. Based on keyword research, our templates walk you through the best ways to organize your content and images to make your website work best for you.

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