SEO Marketing Resources for Photographers

Courses, Blog Posts, Keywords, Page Templates, Questionnaires & Checklists


Blog Post Templates

Access our library of 60+ blog posts that we've written to help websites rank better for SEO. Our blog posts cover a variety of niches, including but not limited to, newborn, wedding, boudoir, family and portrait.


Page Templates

Take the guess work out of what content should be on your main pages. Our page templates are written to help get you ranked and take the guess work out of what you need to write on those pages.


Keyword Research & Blueprint

We've put together a list of the right keywords to use on your website. Our keywords have been grouped by subject in an easy to use blueprint for you to quickly determine which keywords to use and where they should be placed on your website.


Content Questionnaires

Get inspired to create compelling content, from client stories to venue pages, with our questionnaires. These downloads ask all the right questions, helping you to organize all your information for a blog post in one convenient location.


Optimization Checklists

Establish processes for creating content that ranks with our optimization checklists. These checklists make sure you're not skipping over any of the important ranking factors on your website.

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