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5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Headshots

First impressions are everything. Encourage potential clients to book a headshot session with this list of reasons why they need professional headshots.


6 Things Your Headshot Photographer Wants You to Know

Give potential and current headshot clients a peek into your job and ease their concerns about their session with this list of 6 things you want them to know.


5 Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Matters

A profile picture can have a huge impact on your LinkedIn profile and your job search. Encourage potential clients to update their headshots with this helpful blog post.


How to Prepare for Your Headshot Session

Create a complete guide to provide to clients to prepare them for their headshot session. Include information specific to your business and process.


6 Tips to Get the Most for Your Money with Your Headshots

Establish yourself as an expert and a resource for professionals seeking headshots with these tips for making the most of a headshot session.


What to Wear for Your Headshots

Help your clients make a stellar first impression with this guide on how to choose the best outfits for their headshots.


Headshot Photography Template

Create a headshot webpage that drives traffic to your website with this content template that outlines just how to organize your images and content based on our keyword research.


10 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

First impressions are everything! Go beyond the perfect professional headshot with these tips for making the most of your LinkedIn profile.


7 Professional Poses for Your Headshots

Show off your expertise by giving potential and current clients some tips on posing for professional headshots with this blog post.


Why Professional Beats DIY When It Comes to Your Headshots

An iPhone photo will never compare to a professional headshot. Educate potential clients on why images by a pro beat DIY every time.


5 Things to Do to Get the Best Headshots

A professional headshot can help you score your dream job! Help your clients make the most of their headshot session with these tips.


Facebook Ad Examples for Headshot Photography

Get inspired to create compelling Facebook Ads with these examples from other headshot photographers.


Essential Questions to Ask Your Headshot Photographer

There’s so much more to headshots than just studio shots! Help out potential clients by suggesting some questions to ask potential headshot photographers.


Top Google Ads for Headshot Photography

Save time researching ideas for Google Ads with this list of the top ads from other headshot photographers.


8 Tips to Help You Get the Perfect Headshot

Ease clients’ minds about their headshot session with these tips for getting the perfect image for their job hunt or career growth.


Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for Your Headshot Session

A headshot session can be a bit anxiety-inducing if the client has never done it before. Ease their minds with this blog post designed to help individuals prepare for their headshot sessions.


Why Job Seekers Over 50 MUST Have a Professional Headshot

A professional headshot can make or break your career search. Encourage older job seekers to invest in headshots to snag the job they’re after.


6 Tips for Building Your Online Presence

In our digital age, how you present yourself online is hugely important. Present yourself as a resource to professionals with these suggestions for crafting a career-making online presence.


Headshot Keyword Research & Mapping Blueprint

Determine the right keywords to use to get your website ranked with our research.  Our keyword mapping blueprint is organized into easy-to-use segments to help you figure out the right keywords to use.

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