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Why Is a Fresh 48 Session Important?

Encourage parents to invest in a Fresh 48 session to capture the beginning of their new baby’s life.


When to Take Maternity Photos

Answer one of your potential clients’ most common questions: When should I schedule my maternity session? A great way to link to other maternity content on your blog and show off more of your images.


Why It’s Important to Book a Birth Photographer and Videographer

Educate readers on the importance of booking a professional birth photographer/videographer.


Why It’s Important to Have a Birth Videographer

Encourage potential clients to see the importance of capturing the birth of their child on video.


Why You Should Photograph Your Baby’s First Year with a Professional

Encourage potential clients to book your services to capture each stage of their child’s first year.


Why You Should Have a Newborn Photo Session

Babies grow and change so quickly, and parents don’t want to miss a moment. Convince potential clients why a newborn session is so important in capturing the life of their child.


Maternity Photoshoot Template

Not sure where to start with your website content? Demonstrate your expertise in maternity photography with our template for webpages, galleries, and blog posts.


What to Do for a First Birthday Session Instead of a Cake Smash

Who needs cake when you have ice cream? Help parents think outside the box with these alternative food suggestions for a first birthday session.


Newborn Photography Template

Develop a webpage that gets results with our content template. Based on keyword research, this template outlines how to organize your images and content to get searchers on your website.


Newborn Blog Post Outline

Use these suggestions to structure your client blog posts or sneak peeks on your blog.


What to Wear for Your Fresh 48 Session

Your client has just had a baby and is still recovering, but they also want to look good for their photo session. Help out clients by offering suggestions on how to dress for their Fresh 48 session.


Top Google Ads for Newborn & Maternity Photography

Find inspiration for your Google Ads with these top examples from other newborn and maternity photographers.


What to Expect at Your Newborn Photo Shoot

Introduce clients to your studio and provide tips on how to prepare for a newborn session. A great resource and guide for first-time clients, as well as a helpful introduction to your business.


Understanding Your Baby’s Temperament

Every baby is different, and a big part of raising a newborn is learning your child’s temperament. Serve as a resource for your clients and show empathy with new parents who are still figuring everything out while establishing yourself as a go-to source for newborn knowledge.


Maternity Blog Post Outline

Not sure where to start with your client blog posts? Our outlines can help you get inspired to create client blogs that everyone will want to read and share.


The Most Common Questions About Newborn Sessions

Any new parent will have plenty of questions about their newborn session. Answer some of the most common questions with this piece and provide information about your studio to help first-time clients feel prepared for their shoot.


Maternity & Newborn Keyword Research & Mapping Blueprint

Let us help you take the stress out of SEO with our keyword research and mapping blueprint. We’ve built out a list of keywords for newborn photography, allowing you to build website content that will increase your visibility.


Newborn Client Blog Post Questionnaire

Organize all the information you need to create a client blog post to show off your images with these focused questions.


Pregnancy Timeline by Trimester

A woman’s first pregnancy can be both exciting and overwhelming. Help out new moms-to-be and potential maternity clients with this breakdown of what to expect from each trimester of pregnancy.


Top Tips for New Parents

Help out first-time parents and act as a resource for potential clients with these 9 tips. Includes a place in the introduction to tell your own story of being a new parent, allowing you to develop an emotional connection with your readers.


What to Wear for Your Maternity Photos

Help your clients dress their best for their maternity session with some basic tips on how to choose the most flattering and comfortable outfits. Boost this content with your own specific outfit suggestions and photos to match.

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